Lead your team of Bug Heroes into battle and defeat alien invaders before they can achieve total victory!



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Dash through perilous environments in a "grassroots level" Microcosmos!

Fly and survive through this adrenaline-fueled, physics-powered 3D-action game!

Bugs vs. Aliens is brought to You by a small agile team of three








"Bugs vs. Aliens resurrects the runner genre with the most fun and intense showdown" -- TAMINDIR.COM * "Particularly funny" -- ANDROIDWORLD.IT * "Been a long time that we've played such an interesting runner game" -- SHOUJI.COM.CN * "3D action runner gaming elevated to new heights" -- CHUAPP.COM * "It is definitely a not-to-be-missed" -- MOFANG.COM * "A masterpiece from inside and out" -- 4399.COM * "Strongly recommended for all players" -- FENG.COM * "Bugs vs. Aliens can set new standards in terms of fun and visuals" -- AIRGAMER.DE * "Bugs vs. Aliens will give you hours and hours of quality entertainment!" -- MOBAY.VN * "You're just trying to put it down. Strongly recommended." -- CANDOU.COM * "Superior runner game with realistic 3D effects and smooth controls" -- 18TOUCH.COM * "Bright shiny colors and great attention to detail... makes playing irresistible" -- TUAW.COM * "Far more rich than it seems to be at first glance" -- APPGAMERS.DE * "Excellently produced 3D action game" -- CHINAMAC.COM * "Amazing insect world of great adventure" -- 720GAME.CN * "Very fun and enjoyable game" -- 61166.COM * "Beautiful graphics, an unusual story, nice gameplay" -- APP4SMART.COM * "I believe this game won't let you down!" -- 58PLAYER.COM * "Beautiful screen, smooth controls, rich content" -- PCGAMES.COM.CN * "Beautiful 3D graphics, excellent controls, smooth sense of rhythm" -- 66U.COM *

Download the Bugs vs. Aliens Press Kit - 28.8 MB 
Includes the press release, screenshots, app icons, studio profile and contact information.
Keemba Studios is a new independent free-to-play game studio. We are a small agile team of three and our inspired vision is to make top game titles for the global mobile audience offering real quality and long-term enjoyment for our players.

On the store front in China: Bugs vs. Aliens got featured by Apple in Best New Games!

A big THANKS goes out to everyone who has played Bugs vs. Aliens!

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